“Monroe County- More Than You Know” Campaign

Monroe County, Wisconsin Announces“Monroe County: More Than You Know” Campaign

“We invite residents, new and returning visitors alike, to share their unique perspectives and cherished memories of our beloved County.”

Sparta, WI: Monroe County, Wisconsin located in the southwestern part of the state is known for its fun downtowns, friendly residents, and countywide attractions. Monroe County is a popular destination for travelers of all types. Now, its Economic Development & Tourism Committee Announces the “Monroe County: More Than You Know” Campaign at exploremonroecounty.org.

The campaign presents a chance for visitors to win a trip to the area, highlighting the community’s diverse attractions. From America’s First Rails to Trails on the Elroy-Sparta Bike Trail to The Deke Slayton Museum honoring one of America’s pioneering astronauts, there’s much to explore. Dive into the festivities at Warrens Cranberry Festival, the largest cranberry celebration in America, and discover Monroe County’s breathtaking outdoor adventures amidst the scenic Driftless Area landscape.

Furthermore, Monroe County extends an invitation to residents, as well as new and returning visitors, to participate in the “More Than You Know” campaign via social media (Facebook & Instagram), on the website exploremonroecounty.org, at the survey, or directly at [email protected]. Asking for public input on what makes Monroe County Wisconsin so great, and what are the interesting facts, stories, and legends about the area.

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Some common highlights include the following:

Blazing the Trail: The Elroy-Sparta State Trail, considered the pioneering rail-to-trail in the United States, continues to captivate outdoor enthusiasts nationwide with its scenic beauty and rich history. Annually, over 60,000 riders embark on this iconic trail, traversing through picturesque landscapes and historic tunnels.

Amish Heartland: Nestled in the Cashton area lies Wisconsin’s largest Amish settlement, where timeless traditions and rural charm blend seamlessly in a serene countryside setting.

Journey to the Stars: Celebrating the legacy of Sparta area native and American astronaut Deke Slayton, the Deke Slayton Memorial Bike and Space Museum honors his remarkable achievements and contributions to space exploration.

Fiberglass Fantasia: Delve into the whimsical world of the Fiberglass Graveyard, where captivating figures and artifacts create a surreal roadside attraction reminiscent of nostalgic Americana.

Cranberry Extravaganza: The Warrens Cranberry Festival stands as the largest arts and crafts festival in the United States, welcoming over 145,000 visitors annually to explore its 1,200 booths and indulge in the vibrant atmosphere.

Thunderous Tradition: The Budweiser Dairyland National Truck & Tractor Pull draws thundering crowds of over 60,000 fans each year, offering an electrifying spectacle and a staggering cash purse exceeding $200,000.

Marathon through History: Norwalk proudly hosts the Rails to Trails Marathon, a prestigious Boston Marathon qualifying run renowned for its scenic route, including a 3/4 mile tunnel, weaving through the heart of Wisconsin’s driftless landscape.

Gatorfest GenesisLeon Gatorfest emerged from a comical misreporting by USA Today, sparking a unique celebration that embraces the spirit of the village and its unexpected connection to alligators.

Cranberry Capital: In a fitting tribute to its agricultural heritage, Wisconsin designated the cranberry as its official state fruit in 2004. Today, Wisconsin stands as a global leader, producing over half of the world’s cranberry supply.

Outdoor Wonderland: Monroe County boasts a diverse natural landscape, offering over 300 miles of state-funded snowmobile trails and more than 450 miles of pristine trout streams, making it a haven for outdoor enthusiasts seeking adventure and tranquility alike.

“Monroe County warmly welcomes everyone to join us in celebrating our rich heritage and vibrant community through the ‘More Than You Know’ Campaign. We invite residents, new and returning visitors alike, to share their unique perspectives and cherished memories of our beloved County. Through social media, our website, or email, let’s uncover the hidden gems and fascinating tales that make Monroe County, Wisconsin, truly extraordinary.” 
Adrian Lockington

Executive Assistant, Monroe County Administration Department

Explore Our Communities

Discover some of the finest locales in Southwest Wisconsin, each offering its own unique charm and attractions. Sparta reigns supreme as the “Bicycling Capital of America,” while Tomah proudly represents Wisconsin’s vibrant “Cranberry Country.” Cashton showcases breathtaking hills that paint the landscape of southwestern Wisconsin, while Norwalk serves as the portal to the iconic bicycle tunnel.

Kendall is home to the Elroy–Sparta State Bike Trail Headquarters, a testament to its commitment to outdoor adventure. Meanwhile, Wilton offers a delightful fusion of village life and rich farming traditions. Warrens earns its rightful title as the Cranberry Capital of Wisconsin and hosts the world-renowned Warrens Cranberry Festival.

Experience the lively festivities of Melvina‘s annual Frog Days celebration, held on the first weekend of August every year. Leon delights visitors with its annual Gatorfest, a highlight at the end of August.

Wyeville boasts a storied railroad history, while Cataract invites exploration with the Wegner Grotto & Sportsmen’s Club Field Day. Each community offers a glimpse into the rich tapestry of Southwest Wisconsin’s heritage and culture.

Learn more at https://exploremonroecounty.org.

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