The City of La Crosse’s Forward La Crosse is shifting focus to the Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan and is further encouraging public...

The City of La Crosse’s Forward La Crosse Campaign Shifts Focus to Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan and Opens Online Input Map

La Crosse, WI (Sept 2023): The City of La Crosse’s Forward La Crosse is shifting focus to the Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan and is further encouraging public involvement in the planning process related to active transportation.

The campaign’s objective is to revise the City’s 2012 Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan, aiming to enhance bicycle and pedestrian transportation infrastructure and education across the City of La Crosse. Additionally, it seeks to uphold or enhance its recognition by the League of American Bicyclists as a silver-level Bicycle Friendly Community.

The plan will center its efforts on strategizing for the creation, growth, and effective administration of current and prospective bicycle, pedestrian, and multi-modal networks within the City of La Crosse. This encompassing vision will extend to evaluating trail and route connectivity not only within the city but also across its neighboring regions. The plan will actively advocate for and facilitate bicycle and pedestrian commuting to and from crucial destinations, such as transit hubs, employment centers, shopping districts, educational institutions, community hubs, and recreational parks. Furthermore, it will incorporate a range of strategic approaches aimed at improving the broader bicycle and pedestrian transportation network within the region.

Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan

The Plan aims to integrate the latest best practices and emerging trends to establish a comprehensive bicycle and pedestrian transportation system. It will not merely focus on making “accommodations” for bicyclists and pedestrians but will embrace a Complete Streets approach, catering to diverse modes of transportation. The top priorities will be enhancing bicycle and pedestrian mobility and ensuring safety, with a strong emphasis on increasing users, expanding accessibility, and reducing accidents.

The Plan’s scope extends beyond the present day, envisioning a long-range perspective that includes substantial enhancements to existing sidewalks, trails, and roadways. The ultimate aim is to transform La Crosse into a city of complete streets, with equity as a central principle. Projects in underserved communities will be prioritized to ensure equitable access and benefits. Additionally, the Plan will harmonize with the pertinent objectives outlined in the completed Safe Routes to School Plan, the Climate Action Plan, the Transportation Vision Plan, and the City’s Comprehensive Plan.

The public is invited to participate in the planning process and may find additional information at

Public review for the 2040 Comprehensive Plan is still underway, with final adoption scheduled for October 12, 2023.

About the Campaign

Assisting in the campaign is Alta Planning + Design, an active transportation consulting firm dedicated to creating active, healthy communities through planning and design. Alta’s work brings about positive change by creating places that are geared towards moving people rather than cars, connecting community members to daily needs, and empowering every person to live an active, healthy life.

Alta, along with their project partner, Short Elliot Hendrickson (SEH), will identify strategic ways to improve the active transportation network and experience in La Crosse by incorporating modern approaches to multimodal transportation. These include methods such as the incorporation of Complete Streets, current bikeway design standards, micromobility options, demonstration project techniques, winter maintenance practices, green infrastructure, and emerging safety strategies.

Locally, River Travel Media is involved in public promotion and a range of media and marketing services for the plan. River Travel Media is under the leadership of accomplished marketing professionals, their services cater to clients in the regional areas of Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Iowa. You can find more information at

About the City of La Crosse Planning and Development Department

The mission of the City of La Crosse Planning and Development Department is to improve the conditions of life in La Crosse through expert advisement of economic, environmental, and social data, through recommendations to the public, policymakers, and partners, and to foster a civic spirit that desires a condition of sustained improvement to the city for future generations. Services include Community Development & Housing, Economic Development, Heritage Preservation, and Planning.

Media Contact:

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Associate Planner
City of La Crosse Planning and Development
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