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Best of Tomah Winners

Tomah Chamber and Visitors Center

Full Campaign & 2024 Best Of

River Travel Media (RTM) created the marketing campaign “THIS is Tomah!”. Which included digital advertising, sweepstakes, social media management, website blog content, website updating, newsletters, public relations, and social media video snippets for Reels.

RTM also created several videos, including a 30-second tourism video and a 60-second recruitment video for the Tomah Chamber, aimed at encouraging workers to move to Tomah, WI. These videos highlighted the local industry, medical care, and standard of living. The Economic Development video featured eleven locations and included drone footage to showcase the area’s appeal.

Additionally, RTM created and implemented the “Best of Tomah, WI” survey, featuring over 200 categories and garnering votes from over 6,600 participants for their favorite businesses and activities in Tomah. The campaign boosted website users by 400% compared to the previous period and generated 3,451 new email contacts. Incredible results for a community of only 9,352 people! 

“We were very pleased with our Best of Tomah Campaign. It created a buzz for the area businesses and increased the engagement with both our social pages as well as those of the businesses in the area. Because of the way River Travel Media expertly handled this campaign, it was relatively hands off for our staff. We look forward to doing it again!”

Tina Thompson

President & CEO, Tomah Chamber & Visitors Center

Interested in a “Best of” survey?

River Travel Media (RTM) is offering “Best of” surveys!

Creating a survey compilation of top businesses and organizations within your community can offer a range of advantages.

Engagement: It involves locals in selecting the most outstanding businesses in the area. Community engagement in the survey can grow your Chamber’s social media presence and that of your local businesses.
Boosting Local Businesses: Showcasing the best local establishments through the survey can help elevate their visibility and support their growth.

Marketing Opportunities: Winning businesses can capitalize on their recognition in their marketing endeavors. RTM provides digital winner badges and posters for winning businesses to utilize.
Grow Your Chamber: Utilize the survey to reach out to potential new Chamber members and show them an active way the Chamber works to highlight their business. It is a great way to begin, or reopen, the conversation.

Email Collection: The survey collects participant email addresses, which can be used to grow your Chamber newsletter list to reach a further audience.

Monetization: If you choose, monetize your winners list via selling ad space on your campaign website, social media platforms, email newsletters, or within the survey itself.

We would love to discuss creating a “Best of” survey for your community and would be happy to hop on a video call to share more about the program. Just let me know what your availability is and we can set up a time to chat.

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