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River Travel Media collaborated with Monroe County’s Economic Development & Tourism Committee to develop their two-track brand for Monroe County, focusing on tourism and economic development. In addition to branding, we created a marketing plan, the website exploremonroecounty.org, and launched the “Monroe County: More Than You Know” Campaign starting in Spring 2024.

This campaign offers visitors a chance to win a trip to the area while showcasing the community’s diverse attractions. Furthermore, Monroe County will be inviting residents, as well as new and returning visitors, to participate in the “More Than You Know” campaign via social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, encouraging public input on what makes Monroe County, Wisconsin, exceptional, along with interesting facts, stories, and legends about the area.

Our range of services extends beyond branding and campaign creation and will include marketing strategy and implementation, public relations, itinerary creation, sweepstakes, social media management, newsletters, ad buys, and ongoing analytics. Explore Monroe County exemplifies a genuine approach to developing a brand and campaign from the ground level.

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